Jun. 10th, 2015

An overwhelming majority of 84% believes that ISIS is a radical group that does not represent true Islam and
10% believe it does represent true Islam. 6% are not sure or do not know. In the Gaza Strip, 14% (compared to
8% in the West Bank) say ISIS represents true Islam.
48% believe the PA has become a burden on the Palestinian people and only 46% believe it is an achievement. A
year ago, right after the formation of the reconciliation government, 50% said the PA was an achievement and
45% said it was a burden.
63% support indirect negotiations between Hamas and Israel to reach a long term hudna, or truce, in the Gaza
Strip in return for lifting the siege and 32% oppose such negotiations.
[...] a majority of 63% supports the launching of rockets from the Gaza Strip at Israel if the siege and
blockade are not ended.
[...] Nuclear agreement with Iran: 36% of the public believe that the framework agreement on Iran’s nuclear
program, signed between the US and Iran, is a bad agreement for the Arabs and 25% believe it is a good
agreement for the Arabs. 25% believe it is neither good nor bad. When asked if the agreement is good or bad for
Israel, 50% said it was good and 24% said it was bad; 12% said it was neither good nor bad.

(источник: http://www.pcpsr.org/sites/default/files/poll%2356%20PressRelease%20EN.pdf



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